Advance Coating Solutions

ACS Industrial & Marine Ceramic Insulation Coating (ACS CIC) works by blocking radiant heat tranafer on surfaces up to 200 deg C. Dense concentrattions of hollow ceramic micro-beads in acrylic latex binder are spray-applied in layers that diffuse and block heat transfer in a manner comparable to thin oxide 

coatings on Low-E glass. ACS CIC is used for blocking solar heat loading on exteriior walls of roofs, for saving energy on heated equipment or building envelopes and to control condensation on cold surfaces. ACS CIC is appliedin thin layers of 500 um (0,5mm) for solar heat load reduction and up to 3,500 um for heat retention or peraonnel protection on 200 deg C surfaces.                                                  ACS CIC resist UV and working conditons that ruin traditional inaulation material. It’s thin layers allows vissual inspection and also block moisture from surfaces to protect against corrosion.                  Ceramic insulation coatings have been used for decades within industries arround the world in condituons where traditional materials fails. Proven thermal performance is documented and available for review.                           While reducing application cost based on spray application, especially on complex surfaces. ACS CIC provides durable, long-trem protection that can also be walked on when used on thank roofs or other exposed areas without damaging the surface, or impacting its overall thermal efficiency.

ACS  CIC thermal insulating, condense blocking coating is a single component, water-based product specially designed for industrial inaulation applications.

ACS CIC provides a thermal insulation barrier that adheres directly to the substrate, forming a seamless insulation layer for the purpose of personal protection, energy retention, Low Solar Absorption, condensation prevention and protection against Corrosion Under Insulation.

ACS CIC is used in various industries, ranging from (Petro);Chemical ibdustry to the food and transport industry, everywhere where thermal insulation can save money and the environment.

Application examples:                      A couple of examples where ACS CIC can offer an insulation solution are :

Storage Tanks.               Boilers.          Heat exchangers.         Piping.            HVAC insulations.        Production -lines.                                Valve -assemblies.                     Steam lines.  and many more……


The points is ACS CIC give your industries equipment is the best ifent more.  Let’s do it with ACS CIC,…Call we right away, please.

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