Consultant to Provide Project Funding

Investing in Indonesia is now very wide open and is a great opportunity for every entrepreneur to plunge into this field. However, this field does require substantial costs, and this is often the constraint of capital issues for the sustainability of the project. And finally,…the project becomes delayed or dormant.  For that  we present offer a […]

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Pondok Herbal

Hidup Sehat bersama Pondok Herbal. Sehat. adalah bukan sekedar harapan atau suatu kondisi yang cuma didapat melalui kata-kata saja, akan tetapi semestinya benar– benar dialami dan dinikmati dalam kehidupan sehari- sehari. Karena Sehat itu, adalah salah satu modal utama dalam kehidupan agar sendi sendi kehidupan dapat dijalani dengan lancar & baik sebagaimana mestinya atau tidak terganggu karena […]

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Advance Coating Solutions

ACS Industrial & Marine Ceramic Insulation Coating (ACS CIC) works by blocking radiant heat tranafer on surfaces up to 200 deg C. Dense concentrattions of hollow ceramic micro-beads in acrylic latex binder are spray-applied in layers that diffuse and block heat transfer in a manner comparable to thin oxide  coatings on Low-E glass. ACS CIC […]

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